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Fiverr Test- 2022

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When you receive a message on Fiverr, what can you do to double your chances of converting a sale?

  • Answer: (C)   Give a detailed, personalized response.

How can you best set up your finances to succeed as a freelancer?

  • Answer: (C)   Separate your personal and business finance accounts.

A service a Seller offers on Fiverr is called a [BLANK]

  • Answer: (A)    A Gig

A major part of succeeding on Fiverr is effective [BLANK]

  • Answer:( B)   Communication

When creating your Seller Profile, you want to provide information about yourself that is [BLANK]

  • Answer: (B)   Accurate and detailed

If you see a really good Gig Description, the first thing you should do is copy it to generate the same level of sales.

  • Answer: (B)   False

What is a pain point of operations as a Freelancer that Fiverr helps alleviate?

  • Answer: (B)  Constantly hunting for new work

Any Buyer can respect a Seller who delivers on time and [BLANK]

  • Answer: (C)  Values their work.

The best way to succeed on Fiverr when communicating with Customers is to [BLANK]

  • Answer: (C)   Be personable and respectful

Fiverr Sellers have many advantages when managing Buyer expectations, like setting [BLANK]

  • Answer: (C)   Fixed prices

A great way to think about your Gig Description is using the AIDA model, which stands for ‘Attention, Interest, Desire and

  • Answer: (D)   Action

When creating your Seller Profile, you want to list your top skills, professional experience, any notable clients, and [BLANK]

  • Answer: (C)   Education and Certifications

Custom Offers empower Sellers to upsell even higher than their Premium Packages—but when should a Custom Offer be used?

  • Answer: (C)   All of the above.

If you’re working on lots of projects and feel overwhelmed, how can you downsize the amount of work you take on?

  • Answer: (A)   You can limit the number of orders you take on.

When responding to Buyer messages, what’s a great way to encourage further communication?

  • Answer: (D)   All of the above.

Fiverr Analytics & Gig Analytics offer in-depth data on your performance. How can you use your Sales Trends to grow orders throughout the year?

  • Answer: You can assess how seasonality during the Holidays affects sales.

What’s the best way to save time when communicating with many Customers about the same topic at the same time?

  • Answer: (A)   Quick Responses

Once an order has started, how can you change the parameters or an order if you and your Customer agree that more work will be involved than initially intended?

  • Answer: (B)   Use the Resolution Center.

In following the AIDA model, how do you ‘Create Desire’ within your prospective Customers

  • Answer: (A)   Explain the Competitive Advantage of your service.

Order Turnaround Timelines help determine when Orders will be delivered, and [BLANK]

  • Answer: (A)   Encourage Customers to communicate their project needs.

How can you receive a Badge on your profile that communicates to Customers that you’re extremely proficient in your area of expertise?

  • Answer: (C)   Invest in your skills with ‘Learn from Fiverr’.

On Fiverr, orders can be placed with [BLANK]

  • Answer: (C)  Just one click

The Fiverr Dashboard helps you keep track of your orders via your Response Rate, your percentage of orders Delivered on Time, your percentage of Completed Orders, and [BLANK]

  • Answer: (B)   Your overall rating as a Seller.

How can you empower yourself with Fiverr’s one-click ordering anywhere online?

  • Answer: (B)   Fill out the Fiverr Anywhere form and embed the generated code on any website.

Level One, Level Two and being a ‘Top Rated Seller’ are all part of Fiverr’s Leveling System, which [BLANK]

  • Answer: (A)   Adds credibility and exposure to your status on the platform.

What’s a great way to keep your mind focused when sitting down to work on orders?

  • Answer: (D)   Create an organized, dedicated workspace for yourself.

The key to making more income on Fiverr is to [BLANK]

  • Answer: (D)    Upsell your work.

How can you prime your mindset to succeed as a freelancer every day?

  • Answer: (D)   Write your goals down and develop a personal brand.

Freelancing can be expensive, right? How can you get the best tools and software?

  • Answer: (C)   Purchase your own licenses and use up to date hardware and software tools.

Living the life of a freelancer is a dream. You can work from your bed, in your pajamas if you want to.

  • Answer: (B)   FALSE

You’ve been working for a long time, and feel burned out. What do you do?

  • Answer: (A)   Set comfortable work hours and socialize. Personal health is integral to success in work.

When picking a Gig Image, simply find whatever suits your Gig best and copy the image.

  • Answer: (B)   FALSE

Promoting yourself with Fiverr is easy, with Fiverr Anywhere, Social Media and [BLANK]

  • Answer: (B)   Establishing yourself as an expert freelancer on Quora.

Which Gig Package is statistically the most likely for Customers to choose?

  • Answer: (B)   The Standard Package

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